20190103 Common pitfalls dealing with tenants

20190103 (Thu)

Common pitfalls dealing with tenants and agents. How to avoid?

To many people, renting a place is just too simple. You agree with the rental, you pay the deposit, and the landlord should let you move in.

This is the biggest mistake! Do NOT ever let your tenant have vacant possession until and unless all monies had been paid. Simply put, some tenants who eagerly need another house are in fact, being chased out from their current house. They are desperately looking for the next victim.

Even all the monies collected, it does not mean the tenant is a good tenant. You do NOT get good tenant desperately looking for a new place! Most good people plan ahead. Those in urgent need are never good.

Similarly, when you get an agent who eagerly say that this is the best deal of the century, it usually is NOT. Hot deals do NOT need to be shouted at. Smell the rat!

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