20190301 (Fri) Is property management a good career?

20190301 (Fri)

Is property management a good career?

Property Management can be a good career if you were a problem solving person. Why? Because it involves troubleshooting and managing chaos.

There are two key elements of property management which differs from other professions:

  1. Problem solving arising from conflict of human.
  2. Problem solving arising from building/physical fault.

It is a matter of how frequent this issues happen in your profession you may say, well… it does NOT bother me. Or, you can be awaken middle of the night due to some arrogant neighbours who play loud music in the wee hours and you are asked to stop this menace of sound.

YOU can get complaints from almost everyone in the property you manage due to human expectations. Conflicts between tenant and landlord, each has its own perspectives. YOU can also get awaken because some roof leaking on a rainy night of a Datuk or Tan Sri. Well, you can say “I am sorry, I can’t solve this now. Don’t worry, tomorrow I will get my men to attend to you.” Nonetheless, there goes your sweet dreams!”

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