20180712 What is the correct behaviour in dealing with prospects?

20180712 (Thu)

What is the correct behaviour of a professional agent in dealing with prospects?

This question is rather personal. I would not decide for you. It all depends on what is your social inclination.

Some people would nag, some would not. This is exactly the synonym. Standard 5 of MEAS 2014 has the below statements:

5.2.8 An estate agent must not directly harass any person in order to gain instructions and neither shall he repeatedly try to gain instructions in a way likely to cause offence.

5.3.4 For the purposes of item 5.2.8, the term “harass” means acting in a threatening or oppressive manner likely to cause alarm, annoyance and/or distress.

Calling up a prospect and harass him is quite common in the field. This gives a bad impression on the profession. At galleries, prospect walk up to us, so it is normal that we response to their inquiries. However, the borderline is those window shoppers, should or should not we be more persuasive in dealing with them?

This brings us to the scenario of open house, road-show and property expo. When a prospect walks pass your stand, should you:

  1. Stand and smile. Do nothing?
  2. Stand and smile. Say something?
  3. Advance to him/her, follow him/her, tailing him/her and say something?

The word is “harass”. What do you think? No.1 is definitely not harassing. No.2 probably isn’t as well. No.3? I am not too sure.

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