20180905 Ready tenant, do you need to pay him commission?

20180905 (Wed)

When an agent response to your advertisement and said that there is a ready tenant or buyer, do you need to pay him commission?

This is very common in the market. You just advertised a piece of property, the first person who call you is not a prospective buyer or tenant BUT an agent.

Agent: “Saw your advertisement in mudah.my”

You: “Yes, the unit at XYZ Condo?”

Agent: “Are you the owner?”

You: “Yes, I’m.”

Agent: “Would you be interested to rent it to my friends. They are from ABC banks.”

You: “Sure, your friends can come to view anytime.”

Agent: “Are you giving commission?”

Now, as a general rule, this is the crucial moment you have to take your decision. Most people would give in. Why?

1. It is normal for giving commission for job done. Fair to him for his work done… and,

2. The tenants are decent tenants who are from banks.

In fact, both reasons are wrong.

Firstly, this is soliciting for commission. It is wrong when an agent has secured ready buyer/tenant. This means this agent has been appointed by the buyer/tenant to source for property. He cannot be appointed by another (third) party (you) and thus, cannot be asking for commission from you.

It should be:

“I came across your advertisement in mudah.my. I’m an agent with ABC agency, we are helping our clients to sell, let and purchase properties. Would you like to appoint me to promote your property?

You can then say, “Yes” or “No”. As for the commission, it comes later when you have decided to appoint him.

The second reason of tenants who are ideal tenants, there is probably none. If you said yes to viewing, he will bring all sorts of people. And, by then you probably will give in to whoever he has. Then, the commission too!

It is just the game to survive.

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