20181016 Developer makes so much money, Part 3

20181016 (Tue)

Developer makes so much money – is this true? Part 3.

Past two posts were talking about land cost due to concentration of commerce and business activities. Due to high land cost, developers sell expensive properties. And, due to commerce, people buy them because they want to stay close to the central business district (CBD) to make more money! Yet, they complain the developers are blood suckers. Are they not blood suckers themselves?

Why can’t we all just go to stay in kampungs? Then, there won’t be so high demand for space in the cities. That can soften the land cost. The best way to address the issue of property price is through demand and supply. Do NOT demand property when you cannot afford it. Stay in Kampung! It needs another article to explain whole this social divide resulted from various infrastructure problems like lack of education, healthcare and quality of life in the Kampungs. So, can’t be blamed that people are moving out, so called “urbanization”.

When I hear people saying developers should sell cheaper properties, I want to tell them why don’t you just don’t buy when it is that expensive? It is like buying luxury cars, jewelry, watches and clothings. You can choose not to buy them. Stay somewhere far away. Or stay in flats, within your means. Then, work hard, work smart and build something you can make a living out of it. Do NOT just blame it on the developers.

But, the general response I get is – this government is not fair to people, they do NOT control the property prices. They should make developers build property at low price. Yet, these people want to earn fat salary working for this developers! PH is building 1 million affordable houses in 10 years. See if ever that could happen in the future.

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