20190108 How property celebrities run afoul of the law?

20190108 (Tue)

Who is a property Guru and how they run afoul of the law?

If you look at the property celebrities, you can easily find many in the FB community. They are “experts”. However, they are not real “professionals”. You might disagree. Yes, some of them are actually qualified professionals, no less. Indeed, some are lawyers and accountants. However, professionals are rare. Why? Because their professional body disallow them to advertise. They can only deliver knowledge and professionalism, NOT without boundaries – they are the good ones.

The majority of the others – so called Property Gurus are actually NOT professionals. They acquired they field of expertise by “what they claim” – or without it. In short, they claim who they are without having to show proof. Moreover, as they are not under any scrutiny of the regulators, they can say and claim anything under the sun. Indeed, they are like illegal brokers – sorry to say.

The regulators, sad to say only regulate within their legal framework. You please don’t ask me to do anything outside my job. It is not my duty. Thus, to ask the Board (BoVAEP) to enforce law like a policeman, it would mean asking a traffic police to catch a drug trafficker. He just won’t do it!

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