20190314 MEAS, what is it?

20190314 (Thu)

What is MEAS – Malaysian Estate Agency Standard and which is the latest version?

To many who do NOT know of MEAS, below is my own knowledge of its chronology.

MEAS 1999 1st Edition – Highly detailed but difficulty in implementation

MEAS 2014 2nd Edition – Rearranged and simplified. Easier market adoption

MEAS 2018 3rd Edition – Added with Tenancy Administration in Standard 10. This 3rd Edition was launched in 2020, hence it is also known as the MEAS 2020.

The most recent MEAS 2020 is the Nov 2018 (3rd Ed) version. It came to effect on 14 Nov, 2018. However, some say it was only launched officially 2020 and superseded MEAS 2014 which was introduced June 2014. Because of various timing of review and implemention, general adaptation is that this 2018 version is now called “MEAS 2020”.

Next few days, I will write about MEAS. The Final Review is linked below:

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