20190325 (Mon) Differences between MEAS 2014 & MEAS 2018, Standard 8.

20190325 (Mon)

Differences between MEAS 2014 & MEAS 2018, Standard 8.

Go here to read the actual Standard 8 MEAS 2018.

Standard 8 is about viewings and inspections.

There are three additions in NEW Standard 8 for this standard:

a) 8.2.5 is added. It says the Listing Agent is encouraged to be present in all viewings/inspections including that of Co-Agency.

Of course, the Listing Agent have to liaise with the Owner to allow viewing. Usually, the owner would only open for viewing with the presence of Listing Agent. The Co-Agent follows the agreed system of the Co-Agency. Unless it is the wishes of the prospect otherwise, the negotiation process should be done through the Co-Agent. The Co-Agent should in return, respect the wishes of the Listing Agent by not talking directly to the Owner.

b) Encouraged to use Listing Face Sheet, Property Inspection and Disclosure Form & Viewing Form.

c)That no advertisement whatsoever shall be allowed until and unless the Client has given instruction.

Previously, in OLD 8.2.1, the word “signboard” was used – so giving impression that signboard (banner) should NOT be put until instruction is given by owner. However, in today’s digital marketing, this is no more relevant as most people would use digital images of the property. At times, even with Google map – without present during property inspection. Therefore, this NEW Standard is about no advertisement (whatsoever) until and unless instruction is given.

(Remarks: This signboard or banner should be categorized in Standard 6 Advertising/Marketing, instead of being included here as Standard 8 Viewing/Inspection.)

The OLD standard said documentation is important – as in explanation, “ensure” the documentation of viewing and inspection is available. Now, the NEW standard put this requirement as “encourage” – which is not “compulsory”.

This is because all the paper works might not be practical in today’s system of engagement. Indeed, instruction taking might not be the same as before. Agents might get instruction over a phone-call, and all the pictures are sent to his phone without the agent making visit to the property or even meeting up the owner (face-to-face).

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